Welcome to The Flock

Making our knitting dreams a reality one stitch at a time.


  • Skill Library with short videos on how to work common and uncommon knitting techniques, without an extra 15 minutes of preamble.
  • Guided Knit-a-Longs (KALs) that come with helpful tips so you can tackle new projects with surety.
  • Access to tech-edited and tested patterns, in simple yet classic designs.
  • Community space to connect with other passionate and curious knitters, in a supportive and welcoming space to ask questions, seek advice and share your progress. 
  • Playful yearly theme to keep you and us engaged in the joy of knitting and remembering that our hobby is supposed to be fun, not work!
  • Focused monthly themes with seminars exploring different ideas and concepts within knitting. 
  • Honest and accurate pattern reviews that answer your questions and give insight before starting a project.
  • Exclusive access to Get Flocked merchandise and advance previews of new products. 
  • Ability to book one on one Knit Dr sessions with our knitting guru Ethan. 
  • Monthly zoom Knit Nights

About Us

Get Flocked is a bricks and mortar local yarn store that also serves the whole world from our online shop. The Flock Online is an extension of our physical shop into the online world, here we can come together to learn and grow. Emily and Ethan are passionate knitters, crocheters, and sewers who long to bring their excitement to you!

Our entire organisation is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are nestled right in the heart of the CBD at 225 High Street. From here we film and create all the content for The Flock. With more than 30 years of knitting experience combined there are almost no questions that Ethan and Emily cannot answer. 

Come join the Flock and find out what you have been missing.